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Matt has also been accused of cheating on Amber with tattoo artist during the same period.

He told People he had been using again and had even blacked out for days at a time.

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The 27-year-old revealed reports she had sat down with Vivid Entertainment are correct, telling E! 'Doing porn was not something they had considered until the meeting he said: 'Both of us were extraordinarily flattered to get such a generous offer from Vivid.

that she is weighing up the pros and cons of stripping down and having sex with her much older partner in front of the cameras. We never envisioned ourselves as being adult film stars, especially me in any way shape or form.'The porn offer comes as Matt - who is also a recovering addict - revealed he relapsed in Las Vegas last year which he linked to his explosive fight with Amber.

The deal they have been offered thus far is 0,000 up front then 35 percent of sales.'Right now I'm weighing the pros and cons. The judgement is terrible and'I can't believe people would just make up their minds without even knowing details or what was said!

But I'm a business person.'The recovering addict said the deal could make her 'millions' and would allow her to open 'opening rehab centers all over the world'. If you have anything negative to say stop following now!!

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