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Tanja Kensinger was originally born in Germany and immigrated to the United States by the way of the military in 1996.

Many may know her as “La Alemana”, which distinctly describes her origin.

Veras' first musical experience came via local church choirs in his native Cotui, which was followed by his relocation to Santo Domingo to attend college.

During his time in the capital, Veras would decide to pursue his artistic career full-time, initiated by the release of Joe Veras con Amor in 1993.

She is known for having an incredible following ability, as well as being one of the best female leads to date.Alex Morel is known for his musical style and flavor on the dance floor.He has been teaching workshops and performing in countries such as Germany, Portugual, and Israel, to name a few.Joan Soriano is a bachata singer and guitarist from the Dominican Republic.His style is a blend of modern with traditional bachata.

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