Dating an aquarius woman

An Aquarius man in a relationship with a Cancer woman is just a perfectly loving friend who gives her complete freedom and expects his not to be barred either.A Cancer woman with a lovely lunar laughter and delicate sense of humor is definitely worth being appreciated.If there is a difference of opinion, they will never oppose each other: an Aquarius man and an Aquarius woman figure out their misunderstandings immediately, discuss it and carefully listen to each other's arguments, coming in the end to a common view.

They find it interesting being together, they are ready to for a long time discuss issues and solve pressing problems.An Aquarius man is a very gentle and docile person but his surface calmness is not the only fact about him, deep inside he is very outgoing and fervent man.He never runs from controversies and unexpected situations, in fact he leads them sometimes.When a Cancer woman and an Aquarius man decide to go for a relationship, it maybe some what a puzzle for them and more of a challenge as the blend of Water and Air is not easy to be proportionate.But still there is always a charisma and power that draws them nearer to each other with every meet.

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It will be easy for these two to court, marry, and set up housekeeping.

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