Dating royal doulton toby mugs

Even more valuable are the ones which contained musical movement and was produced in 1939. The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland wore a black hat in the original, but ten years ago a red hatted Hatter came to the market and was sold for over ,072.00.

It appears that in the 1960's, a painter in the factory changed the color of the hat and this was produced for a short period before it was discontinued.

Modern mugs, which are most commonly used for coffee or tea, likely evolved from beer steins.

Old King Cole, designed by Harry Fenton, had a yellow crown in 1938 -1939 and a green handle and is quite a bit more valuable than the ones produced afterwards until 1960, which had a reddish-brown crown and handle.Other factors which aid dating and can affect value includes color differences.Like, the first clown range of jugs produced in the 1930s had red hair and multicolored handles, but due to the war time restrictions on the supply of materials, the hair during the war years was changed to brown.Royal Doulton is identified by a variety of documented backstamps, most of which include some combination of interlocking D's and the words "Doulton" or "Royal Doulton." Very early pieces of Royal Doulton may have backmarks reading "Pinder Bourne & Co" or the initials P. For the collector, Royal Doulton backstamps are interesting to research because it is very unusual to find an unmarked piece.The Royal Doulton company is proud of its royal warrant, which was bestowed in 1901.

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In the 1920s, the company added color, and it changed the full-figure creations to show only the head and shoulders of a character from English song, literature, history or legend.

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