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(Yeah, it's set in Arkansas, but there's not a nickel's worth of difference between the accents in that film and the ones you'll hear in Alabama). (Dwight's)And one other resource: The Oxford American has an annual Southern Movie issue, which includes a DVD with all kinds of samples, interviews, etc. Tom Hanks is the single worst actor in Hollywood at doing Southern accents.

I’ve tried some different business ventures and some did very well, while others….. Regardless, they taught me something that I can now take into the next phase of my business in media to bring you more interesting and thought provoking content. I have been extremely blessed to have my brand connected to book publishing, radio, magazines, blogs and events. They are unsung she-ros and it was our pleasure to acknowledge them.The result is a mess that's hard for me to listen to, and IMHO, is a real stain on an otherwise great movie. Although I can't remember right at the moment in which state that movie is set. And to the OP: kudos for trying to get it right, rather than settle for the easy Steel Magnolias way out.To continue my string of disjointed posts, come to think of it, Sling Blade isn't bad. Sling Blade has the most authentic Southern accents of any Hollywood film. But, no, spoke is right, the woman in Sling Blade has an authentic southern accent, and Dwight Yoakam has a slight one, but as far south as Alabama, it's usually a little thicker than that.Not a knock on Wee Bairn, but none of those movies have anything resembling an authentic Alabama accent, or even a remotely authentic Southern accent (maybe "The Phenix City Story". I'll try to come up with a movie with a decent Southern accent, but it might take me a while.I haven't seen that one.) The Southern accent is routinely mangled and distorted to the point that everybody thinks that a wildly exaggerated Virginia Tidewater accent is spoken throughout the Southeast. Does someone who might know know how close any of the characters in the movie To Kill A Mockingbird were? Mary Badham is from Birmingham, AL, so should have had a great accent, but I believe she was forced by "accent coaches" to broaden her accent.

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