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Speaking to East Coast Radio (ECR) just after 04h00 Sunday morning, Zwane said: “I can confirm that the one-month-old baby, who was missing, has been found…

After a massive search to find baby – including the deployment of 100 police officers – Zwane said they were “very happy” to have successfully found the baby alive.

I was a bit stumped by this, but figured well it is a dating site and let it go.

Today, I received a message from someone and when I mentioned the PD website, they said they weren’t a member of PD, they were on a different dating site. I was dumbfounded and a bit miffed by this information. if you sign up for Paranormal Date, you are not just signing up for that date site and you will receive messages from people from all of those other date sites.

She was quick to point out that every winner and nominee should be very proud of their achievements and they were all winners, however she believed Ana Pinho had stood out saying: “She demonstrated real commitment and determination; starting as an ESOL student (English for students of other languages) and is now planning for a degree and future profession.” Ana was thrilled to receive the award.

She has secured a job at the University of East Anglia Hospital and is looking forward to developing her passion for English and care into a nursing or teaching profession.

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