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Bachelor number three: Get the fuck out Yummy: What?Gucci Crew was one of the most prolific and crucial Miami booty-bass groups during the '80s and early '90s; they had released 5 studio albums and 1 compilation.Now the 49-year-old - known as 'Disgrace,' 'Gucci Grace' or the 'First Shopper' - is launching an astonishing bid to become the world's first female dictator - backed with millions in cash from a deeply unsavoury British millionaire.Grace, who has hitherto only been interested in sex, shoes and shopping after Mugabe plucked her from the presidential typing pool, is being secretly bankrolled by Nicholas van Hoogstraten, the British slum landlord who fled to Zimbabwe in 2007.

And now ladies and gentlemen let's bring out today's contestant, Yummy! Bachelor number one: You know it baby cuz the kid don't play Yummy: Bachelor number two, how do you know Where in the world girls like to go?As Larkins went into semi-retirement for a few years, Disco Rick assumed the role of producer.They released the album So Def, So Fresh, So Stupid in 1987, which became a hugely successful album locally on the heels of 2 Live Crew's debut album.Artist: Gucci Crew IISong: Dating Game Album: So Def, So Fresh, So Stupid Year: 1988Lyrics: Host: Hello and welcome to the Dating Game. Bachelor number one enjoys chilling out at the beach and drinking champagne.Bachelor number two enjoys going to parties and meeting fine young ladies.

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Mothers, women, and children have all been involved, and in the You Tube era, a rapper just might show up to your house with a camera crew looking for a brawl.

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