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Though he had recently renewed his contract for a reported million a year, dozens of advertisers dropped their sponsorship of his show in the wake of an April 1 story that exposed additional harassment claims.

But the controversy also appeared to rally some of his supporters, giving him a ratings lift.

Branding consultant Allen Adamson predicts "short-term pain (and) long-term gain" from O'Reilly's ouster.

She has been married and divorced for three times up to now. Despite having a famous name, she has managed to keep her personal life in sworn secrecy.

Just about every day brings new allegations about the behavior of ousted Fox News boss Roger Ailes.

Taken together, the claims -- which Ailes has denied -- portray an executive who abused his power by harassing female employees and paying confidants to dig up dirt on his opponents.

But another wave of departures is expected, two sources said.Lately, he's averaged nearly 4 million viewers a night, well ahead of Carlson and MSNBC's , and will leave a big hole to fill, which the network acknowledged in a memo to employees: "By ratings standards, Bill O'Reilly is one of the most accomplished TV personalities in the history of cable news.His success by any measure is indisputable." But the network told staffers it has "demonstrated again and again the strength of its talent bench." Carlson has been a formidable replacement for Kelly, surprising some analysts, and Yet part of Fox's calculus in determining whether to keep O'Reilly surely rested on his weakening financial contribution.It is clear from interviews with people inside Fox News that the network has been shaken to its core. He launched the channel in 1996 and ran it as a fiefdom, grooming an entire generation of hosts, reporters and producers who feel indebted to him. With Ailes deposed -- one veteran staffer compared it to the sudden death of a Middle Eastern strongman -- there is widespread uncertainty about the status of on- and off-air talent alike.At the moment, the Fox News executive leadership team remains in place.

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The Minnesota native has blown out a lot of candles in her 105 years, and for the last 83 of them, her daughter Beverly's been by her side."Truthfully I can't even imagine being without her," said Beverly.

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