Tableadapter update not updating

If the database is not in the list of databases in the Server Explorer, then create a connection to the database in the Server Explorer.

Use "View | Server Explorer" to use the Server Explorer.

They're designed to work with a rowset "bound" to a specific (single) table, so they might not really be suitable at all.This article will describe creation of a Data Grid View bound to a table. When a table is bound to a control, code is generated for you automatically by Visual Studio that uses the .Net classes to manage the data going into and coming out of the control.The problem is this: The underlying table is always updated correctly and when I step through the code with the debugger it works perfectly, but when run it live the events don't take account of the changes. Thanks I have written an application that has a Data Grid View for users to amend a table. This makes me believe that the queries are not waiting for the update to complete. When finished they click a 'Save' button, which generates a series of queries based on the new data.

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