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Before their engagement, both women were minor tabloid figures who sailed into the limelight with sordid, humiliating tales of crime: Tila as the victim of a confusing domestic violence case, and Casey as the accused perpetrator of a scandalous psychosexual theft.

When the chips were down, the women found each other—then lost each other, in mysterious circumstances amid a torrent of contradictions.

Shortly after achieving fame as a model, Tequila also broke into the world of television as a reality star.

In 2003, she made her debut starring in the VH1 series, – that latter of which saw her as a featured artist.

The resulting fame vacuum in the constellations could allow Tila Tequila to become the next MTV starlet.

In line with MTV's "reality"-oriented strategy of not playing much music, Tequila – who earned her reputation as the most popular user on My Space (which at one point blocked her music sales widget) – will star in a bisexual dating show starting October 9th.

(Which seems short, but remember: Romeo and Juliet did it in four days.) Tila was a crazy enabler: "Casey's family tried desperately to help her ... On one occasion she called me and a male friend screaming, saying people were breaking into her home.

How a billionaire socialite wound up in bed with a hardknock stripper, filming soft-core porn on a webcam.Deciding to go for the opportunity after a test shot, she was later featured on the cover of the magazine in the spring of 2002.Continuing with her newfound modelling career, Tequila soon found herself appearing in various other magazines such as Import Tuner later that year.Sixteen straight men and sixteen lesbians will vie for her affection using the tried-and-true "Flavor of Love" formula, in which the whole gang will live together in a mansion as Tequila narrows down the cast until the show "culminate[s] in a dramatic ceremony unlike anything you’ve ever seen before."However, people could be losing their patience with MTV's reality trash strategy, if the hundreds of negative comments on the article that originally broke this news are any indication. ET, MTV kicks off reality TV’s first bisexual dating show.

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In the fall of 2003, she joined Myspace- a social networking website where she quickly attracted an impressive following; before long, she had gained the title of being “Myspace Queen”.

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