Updating compressed archives

You can also use nested file sets for more flexibility, and specify multiple ones to merge together different trees of files into one JAR. An example use of this is provided in the Zip task documentation.

The extended fileset and groupfileset child elements from the zip task are also available in the jar task. Please note that ZIP files store file modification times with a granularity of two seconds.

Internally, each CAB-folder is treated as a single compressed block, which provides more efficient compression than individually compressing each file.

Every entry in a CAB-folder has to be a file.) as well as well-known software such as Win Zip, Win RAR or 7-Zip. For a full list, see Comparison of file archivers § archive formats.

For example, MSI and MSU files (the latter are CAB files with just another filename extension) usually included one or more embedded CAB files.

A CAB archive can contain up to 65535 CAB-folders, (not to be confused with file system folders) each can contain up to 65535 files.

The Archive Utility is pretty basic, but it can handle quite a few file formats for expansion, and three popular file formats for compression.

However, the defaults the Finder uses are hard-wired; you can't make changes to them.

Archive Utility will open without presenting a window; instead, there's just a set of menus that contain three important items.

automatically uses the Zip64 extensions when files larger than 4 GB are added to an archive, an archive containing Zip64 entries is updated (if the resulting archive still needs Zip64), the size of the archive will exceed 4 GB, or when the number of entries in the archive will exceed about 64K.

Since the Stuffit archive format is no longer supported in Account Edge, you will need to download the free Stuffit Expander to extract files from Stuffit archives.

This is available at click on Free Expander on right.

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