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Plus I barely made it through the above questions and crowds were lined up for autographs so it was time to wind it up.

As I said yesterday I am not a fawner and honestly, there are so many more interesting things I wanted to ask him about.

Rachel Lindsay's journey to find love on the 13th season of "The Bachelorette" starts Monday night.

I can tell you though that his girlfriend was with him.“My date and I loved it.” As a Washington Business Journal reporter who covers the D.C.-area dining scene, Alexandria resident Rebecca Cooper knows all about the region’s hottest restaurants.Andy Baldwin at the Rock and Roll Chicago Half Marathon. Where did you gain the confidence necessary to reach for and achieve your goals? Yesterday’s post left off at the expo Q and A session. Baldwin and I went back to the Chocolate Milk Refuel Zone for the interview portion of the weekend. Baldwin just to give you an idea of the kind of super achiever we’re dealing with: Our interview was short and sweet. I didn’t record anything and The Caveman assured me I’d be a total dweeb if I whipped out a notebook and wrote anything down, so I kind of just absorbed what I could. Baldwin (because I know you’re hanging on every word) feel free to jump in here and set the record straight. According to Andy, his confidence came from playing sports from an early age. He also played tennis, basketball, football and baseball.

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